Striking 13 accepts books from self-published authors and small publishing houses for review.

There is no fee to be reviewed on Striking 13. Submissions are free and will be read at our discretion.

All submissions will be screened to determine if they will be reviewed or not. Just like a literary agent or publisher, this screening will be based on the quality of your synopsis.

Typically, we’ll reject a submission for one of three reasons:

  1. The book doesn’t fit within our sphere of interest (see the list below),
  2. In line with our brutally honest policy, if the book sounds terrible, and we have no interest in reading it, then we aren’t going to.
  3. Your synopsis is unclear or poorly written, but we’ll endeavour to give some constructive criticism.

All reviews are shared on social media, no matter their star rating. If you’re only interested in getting a positive review then ask your mother.

We neither read nor review the following:

  • poetry (because we don’t understand it)
  • graphic novels
  • children’s books
  • short story collections from multiple authors
  • pure erotica (but romance with a mature sexual theme is fine)
  • non-fiction


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