So a Psychic and a Rocket Scientist Walk into a Bar by Suenammi Richards

Paranormal romance novel by Suenammi Richards


The path to true love is often filled with obstacles, but few as startling as having a vision of your partner’s life being in danger. That’s the problem Clair faces in Suenammi Richards’ paranormal romance thriller So a Psychic and a Rocket Scientist Walk into a Bar.

Clair’s romantic journey is well-paced and enjoyable to follow. Although the reader knows that she will end up with Sergei almost as soon as they meet, there’s no mad dash for the finish line. The two slowly let their feelings build, teasing themselves as much as the reader as they hold out for the inevitable.

It was like the world had stopped spinning and everything was in this moment with the two of them bound together. Clair melted into Sergei and he leaned back pulling her across him. The kiss was a simple kiss. It was their connection that made it seem like magic.

Sadly, the heat and longing so cleverly built up between the pair fizzled away in a couple of poorly written sex scenes. Erotica can be very hit and miss, and sadly in this book it was very much latter.

This was further impeded by the poor quality of the proofreading, with typos, mistakes and misused homonyms littering the pages. Not only does this give the book an unprofessional look, it also breaks up the flow of the narrative and undoes a lot of the hard work done to create a strong relationship between Clair and Sergei.

The couple’s story is added to by both having well-rounded characters. Rather than focusing solely on the love affair, time is spent looking at each other as they work and try to cope with the presence of supernatural powers. Add the foreseen risk for Sergei, and the multiple strands work together to create something interesting.

Those powers add an interesting aspect to the tale, at times adding to what’s happening and at others overpowering and detracting from what the author has so carefully crafted.

Both Clair and Sergei come from mystical backgrounds. Clair’s parents have given her voodoo and Native American healing powers, while Sergei’s gypsy heritage means he not only understands Clair’s abilities but has some of his own to throw into the mix.

To begin with, it’s a nice added feature, especially with Clair’s vision of Sergei’s impending danger giving an urgency to their relationship. However, around halfway through the novel, their powers are turned up to 11 and the reader has to go through a few chapters of chaos as the characters try to understand and control their new found abilities.

Ultimately this detracts from the story telling and a promising love story takes a turn for the worse. This isn’t helped by the fact that this reads very much like a first draft, with numerous mistakes plaguing the page.

While there is something to enjoy on the romantic side of So a Psychic and a Rocket Scientist Walk into a Bar, ultimately there are far too many flaws that hold the book back and stop us being able to genuinely recommend it to others.


So a Psychic and a Rocket Scientist Walk into a Bar Book Cover So a Psychic and a Rocket Scientist Walk into a Bar
Suenammi Richards
Paranormal romance
October 2016


Clair wasn’t sure what she should expect when she literally ran into Sergei and promptly passed out. There had always been whispers about Clair and her family. No one knew quite what they were but it was a history and a birthright Clair had deftly avoided for almost all of her life. This new occurrence puts Clair on the cusp of what was always fated to be her calling. With someone’s life at stake she knew she finally had to literally choose between life and death.


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