All Good Stories by Linda G Hill

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“That we share the same sense of humor makes it no wonder Jupiter and I have been best friends since elementary school.”

Daily writing prompts can be fantastic motivation for overcoming writer’s block (or more often, writer’s ennui) and for getting yourself into a routine. They’re more for the writer’s benefit than the reader’s, but a good writer can still turn the self-help exercise into something worth reading.

Worth reading on a blog, anyway. You wouldn’t want to pay for it.

A glance at its alphabetised chapter titles makes it clear that All Good Stories started life as a writing challenge, before the author’s afterword explains as much. Being written over a month (some days were clearly busier than others), it won’t be the most substantial novelette you’ve ever read, but nor is it as aimless as you might fear.

For the author has a plan. Would we be introduced to characters named Xavier and Zach so early on if she didn’t? The important question is: does it rise above the gimmick to be worth your time?

“You wrote me a story just to tell me we’re…”

If you’re a sucker for unrequited BFF crushes, maybe. Otherwise, beyond the technical achievement, it feels like the minimum of thought went into filling the spaces between those 26 immovable letters. Writers love to write stories about writers writing stories, but this reader’s read too many.



All Good Stories Book Cover All Good Stories
Linda G Hill
Romantic comedy


As best friends, Xavier and Jupiter have always been supportive of each others' romantic relationships. But when Jupiter meets Bob online, Xavier can't help but feel he needs to come to her rescue. There's just something about Bob. In the process of preventing Bob from wooing Jupiter away, Xavier realizes he's been in love with her all along. Can he keep her safe and win her heart? And will he ever get to read her manuscript?

Join Xavier, Jupiter, and a quirky cast of characters in this fun romantic comedy novelette with a twist you won't see coming.


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