Trolled by DK Bussell

Trolled by DK Bussell

Nat Lawler is just about done with her unrepentant nerd of a boyfriend, Terry, and his merry band of misfit LARPers in DK Bussell’s hilarious fantasy story, Trolled.

LARP. Live Action Role Play. Four words that – as far as Nat were concerned – went together like “Bad News, It’s Cancer.”

Unfortunately for her, their D&D knowledge is about to come in very handy when the gang is suddenly transported into an actual Tolkien-esque world in need of a few heroes.

Trolled was an absolute riot. The writing is smart, snarky, and snort-out-loud funny, with a cast of characters to match.

Sharing the polluted vehicle were three of Terry’s fellow anoraks; all boys. A Fellowship of the Wang if you will.

The plot riffs on every high fantasy trope imaginable – you’ve got your queen of evil, your sentient weaponry, your forest enclave of stupidly gorgeous elves – but the characters are what really make it. Nat and her friends are the perfect bunch of utterly inept but well-meaning heroes; a breath of fresh air in a sea of done-to-death Chosen Ones™.

I loved every page of Trolled, up to and including the cliffhanger ending that has me chomping at the bit for the next instalment in the series. Let me put it this way: the only reason I ever put this book down was to text excerpts to everyone I know.

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Trolled Book Cover Trolled
The Trolled Saga
DK Bussell
Bussell Books
November, 2016

Seventeen-year-old student Nat Lawler doesn’t know her orc from her elf bow. She’s never swung a sword before, never ridden a unicorn, or fought a troll outside of the internet. And yet here she is, trapped in a fantasy world and tasked with defeating its evil queen, Drensila the Black.

Thankfully, some of Nat’s roleplayer friends were thrown into the mix too, and join her on her epic quest. They’ve spent their lives preparing for this moment, but now it's time for action, because this fantasy just got real!


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