Striking 13

Striking 13 is looking to find the unearthed diamonds. The authors who self-publish or go through small publishers to get their voices heard. Our site title comes from the opening line of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and like the novel’s author we plan to be honest to ourselves and our readers.

The world of publishing is evolving but while indie publishers and self-published authors are growing in numbers, popularity and quality, many of the major reviewers are shunning this work, using traditional publishing houses as a filter of what they should cover.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have websites that charge authors to have their books reviewed. Some start from $50 while others go up as high as $575 for a review, often poorly written and of little value. The idea of charging someone who has already worked so hard and spent so much to make their dream come true is reprehensible, and something we think should be avoided.

At Striking 13, we’re doing things differently. We’re focussing on the smaller guys, the gems in the rough, to try to find something special. We can’t promise we’ll look at everything that gets sent to us, and we can’t promise to give everything a positive review, but we can say that we’ll read what we can and put some actual effort into our reviews.

If you submit your manuscript to us for review we will tell you our honest opinion. There is nothing as unnerving as opening your heart and dreams up to the world. We will always endeavour to keep any criticism constructive but be prepared to get hurt. Writing is a journey, you will stumble and you will fall but each hurdle will make you stronger.



About Us

Oliver has a longstanding career in editing for numerous media companies, mostly with an online presence. In addition, he has written many free-lance articles covering topics, such as; how to mow the lawn.

Presently he is managing his own start-up business in web media and, when he isn’t paying the bills, he enjoys writing short stories, playing with dogs and drinking copious amount of tea.

Richard is a professional engineer by career and an author by desperate aspiration. His scientific background tends to express itself within his writing, his preferential genre being science-fiction. He has recently completed his first novel and continues to write as often as he can. Feel free to check out his author’s site.


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